Wildlife Adventure

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Skills Developed:

  • Knowledge about important Wildlife sanctuaries and national parks of India
  • Learn about features of birds and animals found in India
  • Awareness about natural world
  • Exploratory Instinct
  • Memory skills
  • Quickness of response

“INDIAN WILDLIFE ADVENTURE” Play board depicts important wildlife sanctuaries and national parks on the map of India which are well connected by important roads. Players compete to try be the first player to visit the assigned 5 destinations, collect

their respective Sanctuary/ national park Cards and come back to the Starting space first , by answering " Who Am I?" Cards at animal spaces, recognising animals from Visual Cards on their way. They also refer the Map Booklet to know more about them and other sanctuaries of interest. The game includes: A multicolour play board, 5 Destinations Cards, 25 Sanctuary Cards, 30 Visual Cards, 56 Who Am I? Cards, Play pieces , A Map Booklet - Wildlife of India and Play Rules.

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