Pre School Flash Card Pack -1

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Skills Developed:

  • Letters of the Alphabet and their Sounds
  • Pre-Number Skills: Basic geometric Shapes and Colours
  • Numbers 1 to 10, and practice Counting.
  • Visual Discrimination Skills.
  • Concentration

"Pre-School Flash Cards Pack1" is a 4 in 1 value pack for young ones to practice shapes, colours, numbers and Alphabet in a fun and effective way helping in their learning at school and home. The game comprises 160 laminated, bright flash cards: 40 each of Shapes, Colours, Numbers and Alphabet and an Activity Guide. The child is required to match the object with the corresponding shape and colour, number of objects to the numeral and alphabet letters to the objects beginning with that letter sound. It has been specially designed using interactive activities, helpful guidelines and brightly coloured pictures to make learning of the above concepts easy and playful.

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