My Activity Pack-India & the World

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Skills Developed:

  • Knowledge about Map Symbols, Directions, Locations
  • Help students find their own country on the world Map
  • Understand different time zone
  • Recognition of different land masses and water bodies

“My Activity Pack – India & The World” is an enjoyable and engaging activity pack where: 1. 30 piece jigsaw puzzle of Political Map of India is assembled and location of all the States and Union Territories and their capitals is learned. 2. By playing with State Maps and Quiz cards children will recognise states from State maps and test their knowledge about India by playing Quiz game. 3. Then assemble a large 100 piece jigsaw puzzle of the political map of the world and learn about the locations of countries and their capitals. 4. Play quiz game to test their knowledge on the topics relating social studies curriculum. The Pack includes: 2 spectacular map puzzles- India and the World, 70 quiz cards and an Activity Guide.

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