LED Moving Sand Art Table Lamp

Color: Assorted Colour
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LED Moving Sand Art Table Lamp,3D Hourglass Deep Sea Sandscape Display Flowing Frame Bedside Light Home Decoration

Quicksand Table sand

◆ High quality: using natural imported sand, fine and thick texture, lasting color and clear layers. Highly translucent glass, crystal like water droplets, allows you to enjoy the beauty of quicksand.
◆ Three-color stepless dimming: warm button + white light + natural light, USB charging.
◆Multifunctional: quicksand drawings are excellent benefits for developing intelligence and maintaining emotions. Moving sand art continuously flow sand art reduces stress and relieves stress. Suitable for office workers, students and people working in front of computers for a long time..
◆ Wide range of applications: Animated sand painting is a great work of art, often used to decorate hotels, restaurants, bars, dance halls, offices and living spaces. There are also products for celebrations, birthdays, birthdays, celebrations, weddings, housewarming, travel reminders, gifts.
◆ Perfect Gift: 3D Natural Landscape Quicksand Painting Frame / Moving Sand Art / Moving Sand Figure / Hourglass Frame / quicksand This painting is a Christmas gift for Valentine's Day and Mother's Day. Suitable for children's toys to stimulate children's curiosity.


Color: Black/Orange/Blue
Material: steel + spray paint + glass
Battery capacity: 3000mAh
Switch: touch switch
Voltage: <36V
Power: 5W
Battery life: about 2h

1. The product is AUSB style, please use a 5V 10A car charger to charge or directly into a computer or USB port charge.
2. This product has a built-in The battery can be used for about 2-3H. when fully charged, and the battery capacity is 3000amh 3. This product supports stepless dimming, long button to adjust the brightness to achieve what you want.
4. Desktop products Decompression decoration After the package, if you encounter the situation is incomplete quicksand, don't be impatient. Our detailed guide, be patient, try several times and slowly master the methods before you can experience quicksand painting. Have fun and visual experience. that you want

Package list:
1 * Quicksand Painting Desk Lamp (USB cable included)

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