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Instant Bubble Hair Dye Shampoo Ammonia Free Hair Coloring 300ml

Color: Wine Red
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RKA 1028


Instant Bubble Hair Dye Shampoo Ammonia Free Hair Coloring Product Permanent Natural Hair Color Cream For Cover Gray White Hair


Natural hair color hair dye formula, 100% natural hair dye, bringing users completely different hair dyeing experience. Special plant essence and packaging technology can meet the people who distressed by the gray and white hair, do not need to go to the hair salon, can operate at home.

Product Name:Hair Dye shampoo


Purpose:Men and Women White Hair Repaired, 100% Grey Coverage

Function:Dye hair black,natural Black Hair in Just 25-30 Minutes

Product Efficacy:

Nursing and oiling formula, brings you a brand new hair coloring experience, contains plant extracts, can care for the hair color fiber from inside and outside, after dyeing, it is as silky as the oiling, effectively covering gray hair.


1.Natural and mild herbal extract will strengthen the hair fibers from inside to out and deeply nourish your scalp with effective hair repair effect, leaving your hair shiny, soft and smooth without any side effect, anti-allergic and non-irritating to avoid causing any stimulation or damage to your hair.

2.Easy to operate for instant black hair dye, just wear the gloves, squeeze the shampoo on wet hair and rub for a few minutes, and finally clean with water, just like using the normal shampoo.

3.Time saving and cost saving to cover the white hair naturally for long lasting hair dyeing effect, no need to go to the hair salon frequently.


Gloves (Giveaway)
Since the cuticles on your nails are similar to hair, wear gloves to prevent your nails from discoloring.

Extrusion product
Squeeze a certain amount of paste onto the palm of your hand, and mix evenly with both hands.

Wash hair
Apply the cream evenly on the hair and shampoo as usual.

Wash and dry
Wait for about 45 minutes to wash and dry (Note: Please extend the time appropriately if the temperature is low or the hair is hard.

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