LAIKOU Cosmetic Whitening Liquid Foundation Concealer Moisturizer Waterproof Nude Beauty Makeup

Style: Ivory
Sale priceQAR 79.00


RK 1003

Whitening Liquid Foundation Concealer Moisturizing Waterproof Makeup control

Product Features:
block bleach, long-lasting hydration, offer water containment, increase luster

three big advantages:
(1) Concealer
a besmear gently, can cover up fleck, dark heavy skin, large pores etc. Forms transparent skin.

(2) Moisturizing
It contains whitening and moisturizing repairing composition, protects the skin against uv rays and environmental damage.

(3) Close to the skin
powdery smooth bottom easy to push, close to the skin, sweat resistance sebum secretion effect is very good, to keep a lasting beauty makeup look.

ingredient: Rose oil, deep sea pearl powder, hyaluronic acid, licorice flavonoids
colors: 1: Ivory; 2: Natural; 3: Deep Skin (as picture show)

Made in china 


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