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Skills Developed:

  • Awareness about nature
  • Information about different animals
  • Facts about animal kingdom
  • Enhance discovery skills

‘BUDDIES’ is a fast-paced game of knowledge and concentration featuring fun facts about different animal groups. The game comprises a play board and 50 cards each on three different categories; ‘Believe it or not’, ‘Visual’ and ‘Multiple Choice’. The game will be played by dealing 2 cards each of all the three categories to each player. On his/her turn each player will choose any card from the category of his/her choice and asks the question from the card, or give a statement or show the Visual card to the player on the left. If the player answers correctly then the player moves ahead on the play board as per the number of spaces stated on the card. If the answer is incorrect the asking player moves forward that number of spaces. The game will move in the same manner and the first player to reach the Finish space wins the game.

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