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Bubble plant Hair Dye Household Easy-to-wash Color 420ml

Color: Natural Black
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Bubble plant Hair Dye Household Easy-to-wash Black Pant Hair Color Washing Black 5 Colors 420ml


RKA 1018


Capacity:420 ml
Can be dyed color: brown dark chestnut brown, dark brown black. It's light brown
Plant type bubble and mild formula, protect the unity.
Gentle care, ideal cover the white hair. Through the rich and soft foam, the dye evenly and beautiful color.
Dye hair q&a:
1: will allergy?
Due to personal physical fitness, hair dye may cause an allergic reaction, suggest an allergy test 48 hours before dyeing.
2: the hair has a smell?
Because fashion color dyed products require the use of trace ammonia formula, the hair can be more easily colored, coloring a little peculiar smell. Has nothing to do with the quality.
3: which color cover hair use?
Can effectively cover the white hair black dark brown.
4: how to dye, color is better?
Don't wash your hair before dyeing, because hair scale slice is opened, the more easily colored, extend the hair coloring time and heating, can make hair color more gorgeous.
5: after color about?
Due to dye the hair before the base of color is different, different hair, can make color and effect will be a slight color difference after dyeing.
Before using the allergy test:
1: wash with soap and underarms, or behind their ear skin, gently wiped with cotton.
2: add less dose into the container.
3: wash in testing not the size of a coin.
4: wait for 48 hours after no abnormal reaction, can dye hair immediately.


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