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Ultrasonic nebulizer Mesh JSL-W303 Portable

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A nebulizer is an inhalation device that converts medications into a tiny aerosol.

What is a mesh nebulizer?

The mesh nebulizer is a highly effective new generation device, which is characterized by its small size and silent operation. The quality of inhalation therapy is not inferior to the same procedure with a compressor inhaler.

How does the inhaler work?

This inhaler works on a new principle: the drug (liquid) is pushed through a vibrating membrane (plate), forming an aerosol with tiny particles. It is these particles that can reach the lower parts of the respiratory tract: bronchi, bronchioles, alveoli.

Container for medicine.

The medication reservoir closes tightly with a latch and has a rubber gasket. It provides additional protection against liquid spills. Inhalation procedures can be carried out at any angle, even if lying down, the medicine will not spill. Note: A minimum of 2 ml of the drug must be poured into the container, a maximum of 8 ml.

If necessary, the top part with the container can be removed by pressing the Push button.

Mesh nebulizer power supply.

On the back of the device there is a compartment for two AA batteries. The device runs on batteries or a USB cable. The inhaler makes it possible to carry out procedures in the car, take it on a business trip, vacation and not be tied to a place.

The nebulizer mesh is silent.

This type of inhaler works very quietly, the noise level created is about 5 dB, only with such a device can you carry out therapeutic inhalations to a sleeping child without waking or frightening him. Most young parents will decide to buy a mesh inhaler only because of this advantage.


Name: Mesh nebulizer JSL-W303

Spray Method: Ultrasonic

Power consumption: about 3 W.

Appropriate volume for medicines: 2 to 10 ml.

Particle size: less than or equal to 0.5 microns.

Ultrasound frequency 100 KHZ

Spray rate: 0.25 ml/min.

Drug consumption 0.4 ml/min

Airflow: - Noise level: - Mains operation: Yes

Operating mode: Intermittent

Device dimensions: 45X 45 X 100 mm

Device weight: 93 g

Works both from the mains and from two AA batteries.

When operating on mains power, remove the batteries.


Inhaler type
  • AA batteries 1.5 V: 2 pcs, mini-USB
A country
  • China
  • Inhaler Inhalation mask for children Inhalation mask for adults Mouthpiece Power cable Instructions

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