Mini Oud Incense Bukhoor Burner Rechargeable BK-18

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The product is a stylish and high quality portable incense burner Chips are ​placed inside a ceramic chamber with a heating
element that heats up to the same ​temperature as charcoal (400-450°C)Because the heating element does not ​use a lame,the Smoke
keeps it original high-quality scent. Making the incense ​burner faster and easier to use than the tranditional methods, while
keeping the ​traditional high-quality-smoke of incesnse.

  • Refreshing all the way!!Say goodbye to odors in the car
  • The Arabic USB Mini Car Incense Bakhoor Burner is new generation electric bakhoor burner which is suitable for all kinds of bakhoor
  • The burner burns for 1-2 minutes when activated by pressing on the button and will automatically will turn off when coil is heated enough.
  • Regularly, it spreads its aroma through burning a piece of charcoal or any other lighting tool; and despite the potential danger it carries, the incense is essential in every occasion
  • Moreover, it gives a scent of luxury every time, along with all the memories it brings back while igniting
  • Incense Burner Aromatherapy Ignition is a new invention of its kind that ignites incense by its ceramic-made heating element
  • It can heat the incense at the same temperature as charcoal
  • Easy to use. Small and exquisite
  • Long service life
  • Specially developed for in-car humidification
  • High quality material, beautiful appearance, it is not only an electric bakhoor, but also a beautiful decoration for you car
  • New technology is more convenient
  • No hopper is needed. Solid spices can be added directly
  • It’s a perfect gift for your family and friends as well as a necessity for your life
  • Content of the box

    Product-Micro USB cable-Tweezer-Brush ​Device parts: ​
    1.outlet ​
    2.Air inlet ​3.Indication light ​
    4.Micro USB charger ​5.0n/off
    switch ​
    6.Incense chamber

    Portable Mini Car Aroma Diffuser Bakhoor Incense Burner Electronic Aroma Diffuser Household Incense Burner, Home Decorations

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