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Car Fuel Gasoline Injector Cleaner Gas Oil

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Car Fuel Gasoline Injector Cleaner Gas Oil Additive Remove Engine Carbon Deposit Increase Power In Oil Ethanol Fuel Saver


RKA 1010


1,Protection oil pump: reduce the aging speed of your oil pump and prolong the service life of the vehicle.
2,Improve the power: to achieve the "chemical lead, manganese, sulfur reduction" effect, change the air molecular structure inside the engine,add azeotrope in the gasoline, reduce the air resistance inside the engine, make it fully burn, More obvious when used in old cars and trucks
3,Clear carbon deposit: After one cycle, the carbon in the engine system will be gradually cleaned to reduce the damage of the engine.
4,Save fuel: let the gasoline fully decomposed, to reduce fuel consumption, reduce your expenses
5,Reduce noise:Reduce engine noise and improve vehicle start-up jitter.

Car Fuel Treasure Gasoline Additive Remove Engine Carbon Deposit Save Gasoline Increase Power Additive In Oil For Fuel Saver

Carbon deposition and shedding period (1-2 bottles): The fuel and carbon deposits are mixed together, and the engine may be slightly shaken.
Carbon cleaning and discharge period (3-4 bottles): The carbon deposits that fall off will be exhausted with the exhaust of the car, and the engine noise will be reduced.
Deep cleaning and maintenance period (5-6 bottles): The accumulated carbon accumulated in the year will be removed, so that the gasoline can be fully burned and the fuel consumption can be reduced.

1. Inject the product directly into the fuel tank before refueling (avoid incomplete addition) and then add fuel, without any adjustment to the engine.
2. can handle one case (50-65 liters) of gasoline per bottle; first use double, 5 bottles for one cycle.
3 New car use, After continuous use for 1-2 cycles, add once every 2000 km. For vehicles running more than 100,000 km, add once every 2000 km after continuous use for 2-3 cycles.
4.The raw materials of this product have no side effects on the vehicle.

1. Reduce engine noise and improve vehicle start-up jitter.
2. Anti-rust and lubrication: It can effectively prevent the corrosion of oil pipeline and vehicle oil system, so as to protect and extend the life of the engine.
3.Clear carbon deposit: After one cycle, the carbon in the engine system will be gradually cleaned to reduce the damage of the engine.
4.Save fuel: let the gasoline fully decomposed, to reduce fuel consumption, reduce your expenses
5.Protection oil pump: reduce the aging speed of your oil pump and prolong the service life of the vehicle.
6.Improve the power: to achieve the "chemical lead, manganese, sulfur reduction" effect, change the air molecular structure inside the engine,add azeotrope in the gasoline, reduce the air resistance inside the engine, make it fully b

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