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Beauty of Joseon Revive Eye Serum : Ginseng + Retinal - 30ml

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The loss of protein, which provides elasticity to our skin's dermal layer, leads to a decrease in collagen and hyaluronic acid, resulting in wrinkles. We developed an eye serum designed to mitigate these wrinkles, combining ginseng extract and retinal. From the outset, ginseng was our chosen base ingredient for this serum, as it's backed by multiple studies for its effectiveness in reducing wrinkles, thanks to its abundant saponin content. Ginseng is a renowned herbal ingredient with exceptional benefits. We were keen on integrating Vitamin A with ginseng, specifically its two cosmetic forms, retinol and retinal. Our primary challenge was to balance ingredient stability while minimizing skin irritation. Hence, we incorporated 2% (active ingredient 0.02%) of liposome-stabilized retinal in our formula, allowing customers to experience retinal's effects firsthand.

product details
product type: face care serum
key features: anti-aging, moisturizing, nutrition
use for: eyes
skin type: for all skin types


Treat Puffy Eye Bags, Fine Lines, Dark Circles, and Wrinkles

  • Introducing our Revive Eye Serum: a powerful Korean eye cream designed to reduce wrinkles and revitalize the delicate eye area. This serum addresses the loss of protein, collagen, and hyaluronic acid by combining ginseng extract and retinol to enhance skin elasticity and brightness while minimizing irritation.


Why It's Special

  • Non-Sticky, Nourishing Texture
    - This retinal eye cream absorbs quickly without stickiness, leaving a smooth, silky finish.
  • Effective Skin Care by Providing Moisture
    - Contains ginseng extract and retinal to moisturize, enhancing wrinkle care deeply:
    ✨16% improvement in eye wrinkles
    ✨11% improvement in neck wrinkles
    ✨118% improvement in moisturization
  • 11x Better Retinal Compared to Retinol
    - Retinal is 11 times more effective in converting to retinoic acid than retinol, with less irritation and higher efficacy.

*Results may vary depending on individual differences.


Where & When to Use Revive Eye Serum

  • Suitable for all face areas with wrinkles
  • Also ideal for spot care: pair with eye cream and sunscreen.


Deep Dive into Key Ingredients

  • Why is Retinal Special?
    - Vitamin A derivative that smooths skin, promotes cell regeneration, strengthens the skin barrier, and stimulates collagen synthesis.
    - Retinaldehyde converts directly to retinoic acid, improving wrinkles more effectively than retinol.
    - Stabilized using liposome technology (Retinalsome).
  • Why is Liposome Special?
    - Enhances skin compatibility by stabilizing retinal and allowing effective absorption.
  • How does Ginseng Help?
    - Ginseng Root Extract 10%: Rich in saponin, ginseng supplies and maintains moisture in the skin, promoting healthy skin.
    - In Donguibogam, a Korean herbal medicine book, ginseng is recorded as 'Shincho', meaning herb from the gods. Hwang Jini, a renowned beauty of the Joseon Dynasty, used ginseng decoction for bathing.

Discover the transformative power of our Revive Eye Serum, the ultimate dark circle eye cream for bright, firm, and youthful-looking eyes.


Q/ What skin types can use this product?
It works well with all skin types. However, for sensitive skin, use a small amount to give your skin time to adapt first and increase the amount slowly.
In particular, it is recommended for people who worry about reduced skin elasticity and fine wrinkles.

Q/ Can I put this product over my entire face?
A/ Certainly! You can use it over your entire face, neck, chest, etc. anywhere you need care.

Q/ Can pregnant women use it?
A/ It contains a vitamin A derivative (retinal) that pregnant women should avoid. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, please avoid using this product.

Q/ Can I use it along with AHA BHA PHA products?
A/ We recommend that such products are not used together with this product as your skin may react sensitively.

Q/ Can I use it both day and night?
A/ It is recommended for use only at night.

Q/ My skin stings sometimes. Is this normal?
A/ Due to the nature of retinal, your skin may sting a bit. With consistent use, your skin will adapt over time. For sensitive skin, use it after mixing a small amount with a moisturizing cream at first and increase the amount gradually in order for your skin to slowly adapt to retinal.


After smoothing out the skin’s texture with toner, pump the serum 1-2 times and apply it around the eyes or the entire face.

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