Ysa25 Super Quality Wireless Microphone Led Light Speaker With Shoulder Straps (Assorted Colours)

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Bluetooth  microphones with Speaker mini easy carrying karaoke set outdoor activity AWESOME SOUND luxurious loudspeaker 


Product parameters:

1. With Bluetooth function, you can connect mobile phone singing bar, national K songs and other software for K songs. 

2. With speaker function, you can connect your mobile phone to play music directly.

3. It is equipped with a rechargeable wireless U-segment microphone, which can reach a distance of 30 meters.

4. High power 7W single horn.

5. ABS plastic material.

6. Battery foot 3000MA.

7. You can insert TF card or U disk to play music.

8. Supporting Radio Functions

9. Black, red and blue are available.

10. With colorful and cool voice-controlled color lamp function

11. There is strap, convenient for moving


1 * straps

1 * Aux line

1 * charging Line

1 * speaker

1 * wireless mini microphone

1* user's manual


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