Take A part Bus


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ake-apart Bus.
Dismantle and Reconstruct this brightly colored bus.All elements of the bus are presented in the form of a constructor, which is connected with plastic screws.
The set also includes a Phillips screwdriver, which diversifies the game, makes it even more interesting, allowing you to easily disassemble and assemble the bus. Playing with such a constructor acquaints the child with the first skills of modeling and construction, and also develops imagination. This toy is a perfect gift for children of Ages 3 and above ( 3+)

لعبة تحتوي على مفك و براغي لتركيب و تفكيك باص-  - تحفز هذه اللعبة على الخيال و الإبداع و تقوي المهارات الحسية و الهندسية لدى الأطفال-هدية مناسبة لعمر ٣ سنوات او اكثر

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