Shape And Sort Truck


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Shape-and-sort truck
There is a logic puzzle in the car body: 6 puzzle holes of different geometric shapes, for which the kid needs to choose the appropriate shapes. The child will stick stickers with pictures on the figures. The kid will easily get the figures out of the body by pulling the hole near the cockpit.
The "Fun" truck will captivate the kid for a long time. The toy develops spatial thinking, imagination, logic, fine motor skills of the child's hands This toy is a perfect gift for children of Ages 1 and above ( 1+).

شاحنة الاشكال تحتوي على أماكن لوضع الاشكال الهندسية  في اماكنها الصحيحة -  هدية مناسبة لعمر سنة او اكثر

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