Sanford SF15301DGP Double Grill Pan

SanfordSKU: SF15301DGP

Sale priceQAR 109.00


Imagine a good barbeque party with your friends, the smell of meat cooking pink and perfect. Now what if you could have that at home, smokeless and easy? Presenting range of double grill pans from Sanford. The non stick exterior is durable and made from products. You can use this grill to cook oil free. This dishwasher safe product comes with locked-in moisture technology that keeps your meat juicy without letting out any smoke or odour. The ergonomic design ensures you can flip and cook on either side, upper or lower pans. Perfect for chicken, omelettes, baked potatoes, slow-roasted vegetables, steak, fish, fajitas, bacon, frittatas, and more.
Colour Black & Red
Weight 1Kg
Made in China
Brand Sanford
Model Number SF15301DGP
Dimensions (LxWxH) 10 X 7 X 16 Cm
Granite Coating Interior & Exterior Yes
Non-stick Die Casting Yes
Easily Detachable And Easy To Clean Yes

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