Rotating Bathroom Kitchen Corner Storage Shelf Rack

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360° Rotating Bathroom Kitchen Wall Mounted Organizer Shelf Rack

1. Made of high quality ABS material, durable and thick, environmentally friendly material, large, powerful suction cup. Adhere to the corner to prevent the storage rack from shaking..
2.Detachable, easy to use, rotating storage, dustproof and waterproof, and privacy protection..
3.Three-layer compartment design, can store paper towels, cosmetics, skin care products, shampoo, etc., to restore the desktop clean and tidy
4.Can be used in bathrooms, dressing tables, kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, offices, etc.
5.Dustproof and easy to clean. You can wipe the cosmetic storage box with a damp cloth, cotton cloth or microfiber cloth.
Size: Large:60x21cm
Weight: 2000g,
Material: ABS

· The actual manual measurement size may have some errors. The actual size is subject to the actual product.
· Due to different lighting and shooting conditions, the color of the picture may differ slightly from the actual product. Please refer to the actual product.

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