Jana Kitchen


Sale priceQAR 199.00


Jana Kitchen is a stove and oven set with basin and cooking set with dimensions size (standing height of 645 mm). Mini-kitchen contains a small stove, sink, extractor hood, oven, dishes and kitchen utensils: pot - 1 pc., Frying pan - 1 pc., Spoon - 1 pc., Knife - 1 pc. fork - 1 pc., shovel 1 pc., salt shaker - 1 pc.This toy is a perfect gift for children of Ages 3 and above ( 3+)

طقم فرن و أدوات طبخ مع مغسلة الصحون الصحون -الطول الكامل ٦٤٥ مم و تشمل ٧ قطع-  هدية مناسبة لعمر ٣ سنوات او اكثر

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