Mi Deerma NU30 electric Juicer 300ML

Sale priceQAR 129.00


Mi Deerma NU30 electric Juicer 300M

1. New double-layer non-slip design, comfortable to hold and beautiful

2. 300mL slim body shape, you can go out in a bag

3. Wireless design, freshly squeezed and drinkable, every bite is fresh

4. Fruit and vegetable juice/milkshake/complementary food, one cup can get 100+ kinds of delicious

5. Long-lasting battery life, 8 cups can be squeezed at full power, USB port for convenient charging

6. In-line stainless steel blade, multi-directional cutting, ice cubes can be broken

7. Safe double-click to open, avoid opening by mistake, squeeze a cup of fresh juice in 45 seconds


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