Panasonic MK-GH3 Hand Mixer

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Panasonic MK-GH3 Hand Mixer

Panasonic’s hand mixer is a reliable kitchen helper that makes cooking fun and easy.

5-Speed Selection

The range of 5-speed selection makes the work of all folding, mixing, and whisking comes to perfection.

Light and Easy to Hold

Weighing at a comfortable 1,080g, the easy-to-grip design makes it effortless to use. The handle’s easy-grip design makes it less tiring to hold when using.

Whipped Cream & Dough Making All with One Tool

Our powerful mixer will power through recipes, giving you better results in less time.

Functional Attachments

Equipped with 2 attachments for your mixing and kneading needs. Choose Beater for mixing and whipping, and Dough Hook for kneading dough for bread or noodles

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