Panasonic Mens Shaver ESRT47

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Panasonic Mens Shaver ESRT47

Look Sharp. Be Smooth. Get Close.

With three ultra-thin, nano-polished stainless steel blades each designed with an ultra-sharp 30 angled edge to cut whiskers cleanly at the base the sleek, full-featured Arc3 ES-RT47 Wet/Dry shaver combines pure shaving power with the gentle comfort and convenience of multi-blade precision.

This rechargeable shaver is specially designed for better results on all types of beards and thicknesses. Its hypo-allergenic Multi-Fit Arc foils faithfully follow the contours of the face as a pivoting head and Nanotech inner blades shave closely and smoothly, even on the most sensitive skin.

And with shaving power of a high-performance 10,000 rpm motor and built-in, slide-up 45 trimmer, you'll enjoy a quicker, more satisfying shave and trim. Plus, with its 100% washable, wet/dry versatility, you can confidently use the Arc3 in the bath or shower, over the sink and on the go.

Precision 30 Blades for Closer, Gentler Shaving

Each of the three super-sharp, ultra-thin Nanotech blades designed into this powerful shaving system are precision-honed to an optimal 30 angle to create the perfect edge for cleaner, closer and more gentle shaving.


Shaves Safely on Sensitive Skin

These high-end, nano-polished blades cut quickly and precisely through even the thickest, densest and most unruly hairs. And they are forged from hypo-allergenic stainless steel to ensure safe, non-irritating shaving and trimming for even the most sensitive skin.



Multi-Flex Arc Foils and Pivoting Head for Effortless Coverage

This Arc3 shaver also features softly curved, Multi-Flex Arc micro foils that follow the natural, individual contours of the face, while a quick-pivoting head allows the shaver to glide effortlessly over the face and chin, and along the jawline and neck.

Slide-Up 45 Trimmer for a Perfect Finish

A simple move of the finger instantly engages a built-in, slide-up precision trimmer to add the perfect edge to sideburns and mustaches or to deal instantly with unwanted hair while shaving and grooming. This built-in grooming advantage includes ultra-sharp, acute 45 blades for precise performance.

High-Performance Motor

The high-speed, Arc3 inner-blade system is driven by a quiet, powerful 10,000 RPM motor for quicker, more efficient shaving.

Wet/Dry Versatility and On-the-Go Convenience

The versatile Arc3 can be used cordlessly in either the bath or shower with your favorite shaving foam or gel, used wet or dry over the sink and on the go.

100% Washable, Cleans in Seconds Under the Faucet

Cleaning the Arc3 is quick and easy. Simply rinse it thoroughly under running water for convenient cleaning in seconds.

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