Rechargeable Camping Shower Portable Bidet Sprayer with Foldable Bucket

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Rechargeable Camping Shower Portable Bidet Sprayer.

What's in the box:

✅Marine Grade waterproof pump with a built in 2200 mah rechargeable battery.

✅6 ft hose to reach any water container, sink or bathtub.

✅Bidet sprayer head.

✅USB charger cbale for easy convenience.

✅Suction cup and S-hook for easy attachment onto walls and ceramic.

✅O-ring to ensure a 100% water tight system with no leakage.


Motor voltage: 3.7V

Battery: rechargeable 2200 mah lithium battery

Water flow efficiency: 2.5L/min

Hose: 6 Ft ghat can extend to sknks and bathbasin most bathrooms.

Weight: 1.37 lbs

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