Turmeric Clay Mask Detox & Anti-acne Remove Blackheads Repair 120g

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Product name: Turmeric Clay Mask

Applicable skin: Suitable for multiple types

Net weight: 120g


Moisturizing,Effectively fade acne marks,Decompose melanin,Balance grease,Shrink pores,Brighten skin tone

Main components:

Turmeric Extract.
Skin whitening & sterilization
lt has stronger anti-oxidation ability and strong sterilization and sterilization ability.

Lock the moisture in the skin and reduce the loss of moisture

Chrysanthellum lndicum Extract
Can enhance the activity of the skin,has anti-oxidation and anti-aging effects

Aloe extract
Has moisturizing,anti-itch, and anti-allergic effects

This product purifies pores, effectively removes deep dirt & excess oil, deeply nourishes, moisturizes & whitens skin,lightens acne spots, helps skin absorption, promotes its metabolism, leaves the skin soft & elastic, restores youth,regulates its self-renewal and reduces acnes,blackheads & oiliness.

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