Massage Globes Ice Roller, 2Pcs Magic Facial Cooling Massage Balls for Fac Neck Headache Skincare Beauty Tool

Colour: Purple
Sale priceQAR 75.00



  • Facial ice globe, soothing, antipyretic and anti-inflammatory, suitable for improving acne, discoloration, dizziness, headache, fever, heat stroke, burns, etc.
  • Make skin blood vessel contract diastole rhythmically, improve skin blood seeking, promote skin harmful substances discharge, make it fully play.
  • Facial massage tools for face and neck. Improve skin firmness and improve eye bags, forehead lines, canthus lines and mouth corners. Relieve excessive skin tension and remove fatigue.
  • A cold facial massage can help boost circulation, bringing more oxygen in the blood. This helps reduce dark spots and pigmentation, thus, revealing a more even skin tone and a brighter complexion.
  • Please Note: Do not put it in the frozen place of the refrigerator. This product can only be put in the place of the refrigerator where does not freeze. First put some water in a basin, and then put the massage ice ball in the water.

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