12pcs/set of cosmetics professional lip waterproof lady charming lip soft pencil contour makeup tool

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Name: 12pcs/set of cosmetics professional lip waterproof lady charming lip soft pencil contour makeup tool
Brand: MENOW
Production date: in the near future
Shelf life: three years
Applicable skin type: all skin types
Net content: 24g
Size: 14*0.8cm
Ingredients: Kaolin, stearyl dimethicone, capri/capri triglyceride,
Microcrystalline CERA (microcrystalline wax), hydrogenated
Palm Glyceride, Polyglycerol-3 Methyl Glucose Disstearate,
Synthetic wax, talc, tocopherol, methyl paraben, propyl paraben,
Polyethylene, ASCOR-BYL palmitate.
Efficacy: make the lip contour natural and clear, with three-dimensional makeup
Quantity: 6

Package includes: 6 * lip liner

A versatile lip liner, suitable for: eyeliner, eye shadow, blush, lipstick;
The tip of the pen is smooth and silky to the touch, and it is lightly painted on to create a full, plump lip liner;
Pearl free, easy to create matte lipstick effect, natural and beautiful, easy to carry;
Light fragrance, multi-color optional, showing more than one side of the charm.
Color helps shape, hydrate and highlight the perfect brow shape
Soft and moderate texture, not easy to damage the delicate lip skin, smooth lines
Good saturation, natural and clear lip contours, three-dimensional makeup

Choose a cream shadow that is similar in color to your lips;
Dip your ring finger and take less, rub into lip line, so it blends naturally with surrounding skin;
Depending on your face shape and the shape you want to change, use a lip liner to widen or inward the lip line.
Three tips for lip liners:
Inner drawing method: draw the contour line Ye on the inner side of the original lip shape, which is suitable for lips with wide and thick lips.
External drawing method: draw contour lines on the outer side of the lips to make the lips fuller, suitable for thin and small lips.
Straight line method: Draw a straight line with an acute angle according to the lip contour, suitable for moderate sized lips.

Made in china 

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