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Soap Dispenser Automatic Foaming Soap Dispenser

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Encourage Good Handwashing Habits】Say goodbye to traditional handwashing methods and help your child develop healthy handwashing habits. Children touch many objects throughout the day, and their fingers easily collect dirt. Direct contact with food can easily transfer harmful micromolecules into their mouths. Prevent illness from entering your childs body by teaching them good handwashing habits.
【Contactless with Fast Foaming】Hand cleanliness is the first line of defense for good health. Our foam soap dispenser combines near-field infrared sensing technology with a micro-foam pump, resulting in a rapid foaming action that takes just 0.25 seconds to dispense. No contact is necessary, making handwashing easy and convenient.
【Rich Foam for Effective Cleaning】Ordinary manual pumps produce foam with an air-to-liquid ratio of about 6:1, which can collapse easily and waste water. Our innovative micro-foam pump uses a precision-controlled air-to-liquid ratio of over 12:1, resulting in dense and rich foam that is efficient and effective for cleaning. Kids will love playing with the fluffy, snow-like foam.
【Accurate and Responsive Infrared Sensing】Our infrared sensing system accurately recognizes and activates regardless of lighting conditions, with a detection range of 0.79-3.94 inches. Say goodbye to unreliable and inconsistent manual pumps.


 ERK 1010

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