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Smart Electronic Educational Prayer Mat for Kids

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Electronic Muslim Islamic Prayer Mat Touch Sensitive Muslim Praying Carpet Education Interactive Salah Prayer Mat.

  • Touch-Sensitive Technology: The electronic Muslim Islamic prayer mat features advanced touch-sensitive technology, allowing users to interact with the mat through gentle touch. This technology enhances the prayer experience by providing a responsive and intuitive interface for users to navigate and engage with the mat's various features.
  • Educational Interactive Content: The prayer mat is equipped with a range of educational and interactive content designed to enhance the user's religious understanding and practice. Through integrated audiovisual elements, users can access guided prayers, Quranic recitations, supplications, and explanations of Islamic teachings, making it an immersive tool for learning and deepening one's faith.
  • Qibla Direction Indicator: The mat includes a built-in qibla direction indicator, which helps users accurately determine the direction of the Kaaba in Mecca during their prayers. This feature ensures that users can perform their prayers facing the right direction, regardless of their location.
  • Prayer Time Alerts: The electronic prayer mat is equipped with an integrated prayer time notification system. Through this feature, users can receive real-time alerts for the five daily Islamic prayer times, ensuring they never miss a prayer. The mat's touch-sensitive interface allows users to set preferences for different calculation methods and time zones.
  • Customizable Prayer Experience: Users can personalize their prayer experience through customizable settings on the electronic mat. These settings might include the option to choose different reciters for Quranic verses, adjust the volume of audio content, and select from a variety of aesthetically pleasing background designs. This level of customization enables users to tailor their prayer mat to their preferences and create a serene atmosphere for their prayers.
  • VRK 3137

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