Privacy Tent + Portable Toilet + Portable Pressure Shower Non-electric


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Privacy Tent + Portable Toilet + Portable Pressure Shower Non-electric

3 in 1 Bundle Offer

⛺Privacy Pop Up Tent:

Brand: Notu
Material: 180 T Silver Tape Fabric
Size: 180HX120LX120L
Colors Available: Blue & Green.
Uses: Camping, Bathing, Changing etc.

🚽Portable Toilet:

Ideal for camping and outdoor activities.
Convenient to Elderly people, Pregnant women, Injured and disabled people. 
Instant Sealing Slide valve effectively prevent against leakage and peculiar smell.
Size: 13.7"X16"X17"
Weight Capacity: 275lbs
Fresh Water Storage tank: 3.2 Gallon
Waste Storage tank: 5.3 Gallon
Others: Easy to dispose the waste

🚿NOTU - Outdoor camping portable pressure shower non electric

Brand: Notu

Type: Non electric

Color: Blue

Capacity: 11Ltr

Material: Leak proof PVC

Usage: The camping shower bag uses a newly designed foot pump, and the high-elastic large mesh sponge bounces back, allowing you to enjoy the same refreshing shower outdoors. Pressure nozzle can easily control the water flow, effectively flush the valve body. Clamped switches are easy to open and close, so use water as needed to save resources.

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