Photocatalysis Suction Type UV Mosquito Killer Lamp

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  • ● Attracts the mosquito effectively according to the phototaxis of the them
  • ● Noise-free, will not affect your sleep
  • ● Non-toxic and safe to human
  • ● USB charging for convenient use
  • ● Energy-saving
  • ● Let it work for more than 48 hours continuously at first time use
  • ● Try to place it about 1 meter above the ground
  • ● Do not turn on the lights, open the doors and windows, do not put in the air conditioner or fan outlet
  • ● Turn off all other lights during mosquito killing and ensure that the mosquito killer is the only source of light

Features: -Portable & USB Type 

-Modern Design

-Work Quiet, No Noise

-ABS & PC material is environmental, safe and durable

-Mute fan provides a nearly silent sleeping environment to ensure you can sleep well.

-Powerful airflow of fan can make vortex to kill mosquitoes safely and easily by air drying and dehydration.

-LED light with 360-400nm purple light can attract mosquitoes or other insects easily

-Safety and hygiene: without any chemicals, non-toxic, tasteless, no radiation, safety and environmental protection

-Suitable for safe use with pregnant women and infants


Material: Plastic

Model: KLY-188

Color: White

Voltage: DC5V

Power: 5W

Item Type: Mosquito Killer Lamp

Interface: USB Charging

Product Dimensions: 21.5cm x 12cm

Package Dimension: 13.5cm x 13.5cm x 23.4cm

Weight: 325g

Package included:

1 x Mosquito Killer Lamp

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