3 Mode Moisturizing and Facial Cleanser

Sale priceQAR 55.00


3 Mode Moisturizing and Facial Cleanser

- Acne removal

- Blackhead removal

- Facelifting

- Cleans pores and removes dead skin cells

 3 Mode Moisturizing and Facial Cleanser causes high-level sound waves to penetrate to lower levels to increase the production of collagen in the face, repair facial muscles, reduce facial swelling and swelling, reduce fine wrinkles, strengthen sagging skin, eliminate bloating or drooping eyelids, improve acne, treat large pores of the skin, lighten the dark circles under the eyes, freckle and spots resulting from aging and even eliminate scars.

Colour White
Targetted Group Unisex
Made in China
Brand Generic
Model 8815
Item Type Skin Care Device
Reduce Wrinkles Yes
Skin Tightening Yes
Suitable For All Skin Types
Modes 3, Lifting, Moisturizing & Facial Cleansing


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