Lightweight & Durable 15 L Aluminium Pressure Cooker RF356PC15 Royalford

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Lightweight & Durable 15 L Aluminium Pressure Cooker RF356PC15 Royalford

Healthier Cooking in No Time, Suitable for everyday use.Pressure cooking is a quick, healthy and more effective way of cooking food. Pressure cooking not only saves energy and time due to faster cooking periods but helps food retain more nutrients for healthier, tastier results. Cook meals in this all-in-one versatile piece of cookware and enjoy a cooler kitchen with less washing up to do after eating. Suitable for everyday use, this 15-litre pressure cooker is made from strong aluminium and is ideal for cooking gorgeous meals from scratch for the whole family when you are short of time. As it has a silicone sealing ring that holds pressure for efficient cooking.Brown, boil, steam, braise, stew and roast, this pressure cooker is ideal for meats, fish, vegetables and grains. Whether it's a hearty stew, spicy chilli or a succulent joint of roasted meat in as little as 30-40 minutes, pressure cooking offers the ultimate in fuss-free, one-pot cooking.An aluminium and three-ply compacting welding base suitable for all hobs including gas, electric, halogen and ceramic hobs ensure optimum heat distribution allowing you to brown, boil, steam, braise, stew and roast in one pot, making the pressure cooker a versatile cooking essential. Featuring an easy to clean pot, a simple hand wash is all that is required to keep the pressure cooker in perfect condition.

Model No. : RF356PC15

Brand: Royalford

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