LAIKOU Japan Sakura Hand Cream Moisturizing Anti-chapping Repair Soften Skin Whitening Hand Cream Winter Anti-crack Skin Care

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Add moisture to your hands, leaving your hands soft and smooth, revealing delicate hands. Helps replenish moisture needed by the skin, helping to improve dry, white and brighten skin.

[how to use]

1. Clean your hands and skin.

2. Tap the knuckles to promote blood circulation.

3. Pull your hands in the opposite direction and release your hands.

4. Press the mouth to relieve hand pressure.

5. Massage the back to improve the relaxation of your hands.

6. Apply hand cream to absorb nutrients evenly.


For hand care.

Nourishing Moisturizing Hand Cream.

Make your hands feel soft, smooth, nutritious, and lightly scented.

Non-greasy formula absorbs quickly.

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