Know Your World -An Activity Pack

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Skills Developed:

  • Map Reading Skills
  • Understanding of Map Symbols, Directions, Locations and Index
  • Recognition of Land Masses, Water Bodies, Equator, Prime Meridian, Hemispheres etc.
  • Understanding of different Time Zones

" KNOW YOUR WORLD " is an action packed and enjoyable Activity Pack by Creative’s where children; 1). Assemble a beautiful 100 piece World Map puzzle that names the continents, oceans, and all the countries of the world with their capitals, 2). a. Complete the pages of the Activity Book packed with puzzles, hands-on activities, crosswords etc. b. Fill in the maps c. Learn important facts and figures about the world 3). Play ‘quiz game’ to test their knowledge about the world.

The game includes a 100 piece world map jigsaw puzzle, an Activity Book, a quiz card game and an Activity Guide.

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