Impex TWISTER PRO Tower Fan with 170 W


Sale priceQAR 239.00


Description :

Whether you have moved to a new house or renovating the existing one, it is important to equip your home with essential appliances. Fans are one such essential appliances without which it could be unimaginable to stay in home. Apart from the basic function of cooling your space, they provide just the right ventilation and also keep humidity levels in check. When choosing one for your home, you will come across different types and tower fans are one such type. These cooling appliances can be a great way to keep that particular room in your home cool where the ceiling may not be big enough to install a fan.
Colour White
Power 160 Watt
Made in China
Brand Impex
Model Twister Pro
Item Type Tower Fan
Air Delivery 2250 M3/hr
Air Throw 25 Ft

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