Impex IR 2703 Infrared Cooktop with 3 Cooking Mode & Overheat Protection


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Description :

Home food is the best. While a lot of us are aware of this fact, we spend six days of the week eating oily food from restaurants and cafeterias, also shelling out a lot of hard-earned money in the process. So, you can now spend lesser time grinding and slicing ingredients in your kitchen by getting yourself this item. And instead of making time an excuse and postponing your task of getting yourself a new food processor, shop online and compare the range of them available before you order one that you find most appropriate in your kitchen. Get yourself all the items you need to make life in your kitchen simpler and easier.
Colour Golden
Power 2000 Watt
Made in China
Brand Impex
Model IR 2703
Item Type Infrared Cooker
Timer 4 Hours
Cooking Modes 3
Overheat Protection Yes

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