Impex IL 686 Rechargeable LED Lantern With 360 Degree Light-Emitting Angle


Sale priceQAR 99.00


Impex emergency Light provides Strong light and long-range shooting, long-lasting battery life, and emergency charging only in the new Impex HUNTER H1 Rechargeable LED Flashlight the emergency lamp creates a romantic atmosphere in the dark, soft, and not dazzling. 0.5W Bright SMD LED Easily spot dry pet urine, food stains, fluorescent agent, scorpions, the bed bug, driver’s license, passports, banknotes, jewelry, etc.

It features a powerful LED light that illuminates the path as you tread in the dark. Lightweight and easy to handle and easy to carry around. This makes camping and hiking in low-light conditions better, Night riding, camping, trekking, and asking for help, are suitable for various emergency situations and daily life! Thanks to the 360 Degree Light-Emitting Angle • 56 PCS 0.5W Bright SMD LED• USB Mobile Charging Slot• 360 Degree Light-Emitting Angle• Brightness 900 Lumens• Charging Indicator• Charging Hour: 10• ABS Hanger• Tact Switch: High-Low-Off• Operation Time: High 10 Hrs Low 30 Hrs• Solar Input Jacket• 6V 4.0AH Lead-Acid Battery• Input Voltage: 12V

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