Impex EPC 6 Liter 1000 W Electric Non-Stick Pressure Cooker


Sale priceQAR 299.00


Cooking healthy has never been easier and it’s all done in one pot Impex brings you the next generation cooker Now enjoy long-lasting utility with the Impex EPC 6 6 LTR Electric Pressure Cooker We ensure our product quality is 100% as the users found our product better than any other similar brands Impex Pressure cookers are one the fastest and easier ways to cook any hot food. Popular High-Grade Stainless Steel Pressure Cookers come in a fully assembled fashion and are ideal for both home use and cooking in bulk quantities. This cooker is easy to clean and has a heavy bottom which means nothing will stick to it. • 6 Litre capacity · • 1000 W• Automatic• Non-stick Inner Pot • Easy one-touch cooking • Multi-Function cooking • Fast & Energy Saving • Easy cleaning • 24 Hour Present Timer

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