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Description QS-100+ Holy Quran speaker is the latest technology among all other speakers. With high quality speaker and voices of the best Imams from around the world. Full recitation by 18 best Imams from the world and comes with translation of 12 different languages. Specifications: · Memory 8GB · Battery:Internal Li-ion rechargeable 400mAH · Charging time: 2 to 3 hours · Working time: 4 to5 hours · TF Card socket: YES · Download function: YES · Support MP3: YES · Tafseer Jalalain · Auto sleep · Matching compass · Voice recording · Ayah by Ayah, word by word   · 18 voices and 12 languages for choosing   · FM Radio · Fast Surah Selection · Aluminum shell.  The remote: · Using the remote to control the Quran Speaker and enjoy listening · Support MP3 function, you can download Islamic music, lectures and more. · Equipped with high definition speaker, the sound quality is perfect. · Support TF card slot extension. · Support recording function Functions: 1- Playing any Quran Surah by selecting its number in the remote. 2- Playing Quran ward by ward, making it easier to learn Quran and memorize it 3- Playing Quran translation. Select the native language to understand the Quran using combined mode 4-  Playing MP3 audio, support any mp3 audio file 5- Combined and single mode: combined mode allows you to listen to Quran in 2 languages at the same time, by pressing Mode button on the remote controller, press the Mode button again to go back to single mode 6- FM radio function  Best islamic gift for Muslims for Ramadan or other occasions

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