Goat Milk Foot Mask Peeling

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Goat Milk Foot Mask Peeling for Legs Feet Mask Exfoliating Socks Scrub for Pedicure Anti Crack Heel Remove Skin Foot Patch


1. Soften the stratum corneum, gently remove old waste corners

2. Brighten the feet, lighten the dullness and brighten the skin

3. Silky and bright skin, moisturizing, tender and radiant skin.


1. Take out the foot mask and place it on a flat surface to push the original liquid away evenly

2. Put on the foot mask, tear off and stick it on the foot and stick to the ankle

3. Gently press, let the original liquid in the bag contact with the feet for absorption, and then take it off after 20 minutes

Shelf life: 3 years

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