Earldom ET-ZP04 Selfie Stick Mini

Color: Assorted Colour
Sale priceQAR 7.00



This is an Extendable Selfie Stick with Clip Phone Holder and Cord. It can control mobile camera to take photos, easy to use, don't need to charge. You don't need to download software, can be installed in phone audio ports directly.

Directions for use:
- Insert cable plug into mobile
- Rotate the mobile clip for 270 degrees and then hold the two sides of the monopod to stretch slowly step by step
- Put the mobile to the clip and open the camera function on mobile to take picture by pressing the camera button on the monopod
- Lastly rotate the mobile back and hold the bottom of the extension holder and press it with your thumb. Make the other side of the holder up to the hard part then draw it back slowl

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