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Car Glass Oil Film Cleaner Removal Cream Paste Windshield Water Spot Remover

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Car Glass Oil Film Cleaner Removal Cream Paste Windshield Water Spot Remover

RKA 1012

Condition: Brand New
Capacity: 30g
Color: As Shown
Car Glass Oil Film Removal Cream: 10.7*2.9cm
Sponge: 7*3*1.7cm
Powerful Cleaning & Windshield Oil Film Cleaner: Remove water stains and oil films on the glass to quickly
restore perfect transparency without polishing.
Form a Protective Layer and Waterproof: It is not only a glass cleaner, but also a glass protector! After
cleaning, it will bring a new appearance to your glass and form a protective layer to prevent water droplets
from falling off, rain and water, splash and dust.
Mild Formula, No Harm to Glass: The formula of automobile glass oil film remover is mild, no damage to
glass, easy to wipe, solve the problem of abnormal sound of wiper without damaging glass, and make travel
more comfortable, clear and safe.
Easy to Use: Wash the broken sand and dust on the glass surface with water, apply oil film cleaner on the
wet sponge, wipe it evenly back and forth, and then wash it with water. It is easy to construct, and can
quickly clean the glass surface, rain stains, rain marks, rain stains and various glass coating residues.
Applicable to the cleaning of stubborn oil film, wiper rebound, asphalt, bird droppings, stickers, rain marks,
air conditioning water marks, painting, flying paint, leaf juice, glass coating, etc. It is also applicable to
bathroom glass, window glass, etc.



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