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220V 500W Universal Soldering Gun, Tip Chisel, handheld Soldering Iron Welding Machine Hot Gun Temperature 200-400C

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220V 500W Universal Soldering Gun, Tip Chisel, handheld Soldering Iron Welding Machine Hot Gun Temperature 200-400C,

ERK 1013


Power: 500W

Net weight: about 0.86KG

Temperature range: 200-400 (℃)

Soldering iron tip: 2*11CM (head width 3cM)

Weight of soldering iron tip: 0.28KG

Three-phase electric plug (about 1 meter long)


1. When the new soldering iron is used for the first time, there will be a slight smoke phenomenon. This phenomenon is caused by the heating element itself being dried. It is a normal phenomenon and will disappear automatically after about ten minutes.

2. When using the soldering iron, a soldering iron stand with natural heat dissipation must be used and placed in the soldering iron stand.

3. Do not knock the soldering iron on the workbench to remove the flux residue, this may severely shake the soldering iron.

4. Smoke will be emitted during welding, and good ventilation facilities should be used in the factory.

5. Use a soldering iron tip for work other than soldering.

6. It is strictly prohibited to use this product when it is damaged, especially when the power cord is damaged.

7. Please choose the replacement parts of the new Bix tool series to ensure the accuracy of temperature and quality.


The soldering iron should be put on some tin before use and after use to prevent oxidation. There are impurities on it during use. Do not knock the tip of the soldering iron, which is easy to damage. You can gently wipe it on the high-temperature sponge.


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