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3 in 1 EMS InFrared Ultrasonic Face Body Slimming Massager Fat Burner Machine SC-100

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1. EMS micro current
EMS micro current is a low-frequency wave that uses muscles to be vibrated. Through the periodic changes of the current, it is very realistic to simulate the actual feelings of real people tapping, massage, acupuncture, etc., combined with the traditional meridian acupuncture points, repeatedly energized treatment, Regulate human hormone
2. Ultrasound
One million times per Second ultrasound can make every cell in the body tissue move, massage cells, stimulate and regulate cell membranes, increase skin permeability, increase skin deep temperature by 0.5~1℃, accelerate metabolism, improve tissue regeneration, and repair fluidity Bad lymph and broken capillaries can achieve the effect of weight loss and shape change.
3. Far infrared
The frequency spectrum is 8-12um, and the far-infrared rays whose frequency spectrum is close to the vibration frequency of the cell molecules in the human body are used. The heating wire can generate a temperature of 45 degrees-50 degrees. Increases the deep subcutaneous temperature, dilates capillaries, accelerates blood circulation, helps clear vascular accumulations and harmful substances in the body, improves skin metabolism, promotes enzyme production, and achieves the effects of activating tissue cells, preventing aging, strengthening the immune system, and improving at the same time And prevent and treat various diseases caused by blood circulation and microcirculation disorders, and have a good effect on arthritis, inflammation and other symptoms.
4. Stylish appearance, convenient to carry

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