D-LINK Power Line AV2 1000 Wi-Fi AC1200 Adapter DHP-W610AV


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PowerLine AV2 1000 Wi-Fi AC1200 Adapter


The DHP-W610AV Power Line AV2 1000 Wi-Fi AC1200 Adapter allows you to set up and start enjoying the convenience and reliability of a high-speed wireless and Powerline network in your home right away. The DHP-W610AV Power Line AV2 1000 Wi-Fi AC1200 Adapter lets you expand your existing high-speed Powerline network for your home. Simply plug the device into electrical outlets in your home and you’ll be able to use your existing wiring to expand your Internet access and wireless network.

Complete Powerline Solution

The DHP-W610AV Power Line AV2 1000 Wi-Fi AC1200 Adapter features a Powerline network connection, compliant with the Home Plug AV2 standard that uses your existing home electrical wiring to create or extend your home network. Support for Powerline AV2.1 increases multi-adapter performance by up to 15% within the same network, and up to 75% for neighboring Powerline networks both using AV2.1. To set up a Powerline network, just plug the DHP-W610AV into a power outlet and simply press a button to connect to your existing network.

Enhanced Performance

The DHP-W610AV Power Line AV2 1000 Wi-Fi AC1200 Adapter is capable of high speeds of up to 1000 Mbps via Powerline, making it faster than older Powerline AV products, and providing you with faster performance for all networking activities. Support for the latest Home plug AV2.1 technology improves coverage, reduces electrical interference, and increases performance when using multiple adapters. The DHP-W610AV also supports Quality of Service (QoS) features that ensure faster multimedia streaming by prioritizing multimedia data over non-multimedia data. This results in higher Internet performance when streaming HD-quality Video on Demand from set top boxes and cameras, playing games online, and making Voice over IP (VoIP) calls.

Encrypted Wired and Wireless Connection

The DHP-W610AV features 128-bit AES encryption to protect your Powerline network connection. The DHP-W610AV also uses industry standard WPA/WPA2 encryption to protect your wireless network. The DHP-W610AV features a Simple Connect button that allows you to easily set up Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) for your wireless connection or a secure Powerline connection at the press of a button.

Saves Power Automatically

The DHP-W610AV Power Line AV2 1000 Wi-Fi AC1200 Adapter incorporates power saving modes that automatically switches the adapter to sleep mode if no data transmission or reception occurs over a certain period of time. By reducing power usage when it isn’t being used, you can save up to 85% in energy costs without sacrificing performance.

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