M9 TWS Bluetooth 5.1 Wireless Headphones Earbuds Flashlight/Mirror


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M9 Bluetooth Headphone 5.1 TWS Touch Control Wireless Headset LED Display Earphone Flashlight & Mirror

👉Bluetooth TWS 5.1 Wireless Headphones with Microphone
👉Mirror for Makeup
👉Mini Flashlight
👉Touch Control Music Earbuds

Method of operation:

1. Long press the button on the back to turn on the flashlight

2. One touch: pause / play Double touch: previous song / next song Long press for 5 seconds: turn off / on

3. Close the earphone compartment and  Double press the button at the bottom of the charging compartment to turn on the UV lamp for disinfection. 

4.Switch between Chinese and English by touching 6 times continuously when power on


1, Bluetooth V5.1, support most bluetooth devices and low power consumption

2, 2000mAh charging box  can fully charge 2 earphones about 12 times, providing more than 50 hours of music

3, with waterproof technology, no more worrying about water and sweat

4, 8mms dual drive units, enjoy a  9D

5, strong deep bass music sound, popular touch control function, support switching songs, phone call and voice call. 

6, With the flashlight function, you can use it in dark environment. 

Accessory lists:
2 * bluetooth earphones
1 * charging case
1 * USB cable
1 * user manual

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