Seagate STKB1000403 One Touch Portable External Hard Drive 1TB - Red


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Description :

Think about it. Photos, movies, documents. Phones, tablets, laptops. Your digital world is made of many parts that add up fast. Because we believe that managing all these files, across all these devices, should be easy and not a burden, we designed the One Touch family of HDD’s and SSD’s premium portable storage to help you balance things out.With One Touch SSD you can enjoy continuous auto backup, mirror folders for seamless file management, and get the effortless file protection of Sync Plus software.With One Touch HDD, schedule automatic hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly backups to keep all your files consolidated into one place.Whatever your backup style, One Touch offers an easy-to-use solution for you.
Colour Red
Storage 1 TB
Storage 1 TB
Made in China
Brand Seagate
Model STKB1000403
Item Type External Hard Disk
Texture Polished Aluminium
Compatibility USB 3.0
Windows & Mac ExFAT

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