Onix OVC 5304 21 Litre 2200W Vacuum Cleaner with Blower function


Sale priceQAR 269.00




Make your house and car clean with powerful suction. Free your movement for cleaning your stairs, kitchen and cars with onix new vacuum cleaner. Blows away sand and light dust particles with a powerful airflow to clean places such as entrances and hallways.

Onix OVC 5304 Vacuum Cleaner of 2200W 21 Ltr helps to clean narrow areas and crevice with it’s unique body with little effort you can go through every corner of rooms and sides of furniture’s You only need to clean it every once in a while based on it’s usage .

• Power input : 2200W• Large dust capacity : 21 Liter• High efficiency & high power• Special place for storing accessories• Blower function• Strong metal body• Low noise level• Metal telescopic tube• Multi filtration system• Dust full indicator• Convenient carrying handle

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