4 Pcs Anti Vibration Washing Machine Feet Pads Non-Slip Mat

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RK BOX-2003

4Pcs Anti Vibration Feet Pads Washing Machine Mat Anti-Vibration Pad Dryer Universal Fixed Pad Increase By 4cm

  • REDUCE VIBRATION AND ANTI-SLIP:Install this product to isolate the washing machine or dryer from the floor, protect the floor from wearing or scratch due to machine operation, and avoid any damage to the machine itself.Each pad provides greater friction to prevent the machine from moving due to vibration
  • NOISE ELIMINATION: This product provides excellent vibration isolation, thus reducing noise.
  • EASY TO INSTALL: This product is easy to install and does not require special tools or equipment.Applicable to multiple washing machines or dryer models.
  • MATERIAL: This product is made of resin fiber plastic, with excellent bearing capacity, wear-resistant and anti slip and not easy to deformation.
  • MULTI PURPOSE: This product can not only be used for washing machine or dryer, but also for other household appliances that need to be isolated from the floor or keep stable.

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