Lose Weight Workout Sweat Enhancer Cream

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1. Promote Fat Burning: Provide muscle calories, promote abdominal thermal fat burning, scientific burning ratio, green and natural.
2. Natural And Safe: Workout sweat enhancer cream uses natural ingredients and is safe to use.
3. Fat Reduction And Shaping: Workout sweat enhancer cream can help you reduce the accumulation of subcutaneous fat and reshape your body.
4. Promote Metabolism: promote body circulation, eliminate edema, speed up metabolism, and eliminate excess fat.
5. Multi Function: accelerate blood circulation, promote sweating, relieve muscle soreness, and improve athletic ability.


Item Type: Workout Sweat Enhancer
Material: Paste
Applicable: Fitness, Running, Rope Skipping, Yoga
Capacity: 60ml
Function: Accelerate Blood Circulation, Promote Sweating, Relieve Muscle Soreness, And Improve Athletic Ability

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