10ml Fat Loss Body Slimming Liquid Spray

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1. Efficacy: The Ultimate Cellulite Heating Spray is an innovative synergist that simulates fat burning, improves skin microstructure and inhibits the formation of fat cells during fat cells and frequent sweating. Helps the body to increase circulation, purify the body and make the whole person more energetic.

2. Boost metabolism: rejuvenate your skin, maintain nutrition and health while sculpting body lines. Strengthens body contours, reduces excessive curves, sweats frequently, promotes general circulation and boosts metabolism.

3. Eliminate excess fat: break down cellulite for better body shape. Get rid of cellulite and excess fatty tissue stored in your body and shape them. Gain confidence by strengthening your body. Shape your body into an ideal strong and resilient figure.

4. Quick effect: will not hurt your skin. Helps eliminate body fat without much exercise while tightening the skin, saving you time and energy. Combined with proper physical exercise, satisfactory results can be achieved as soon as possible. A firming spray that saves time and energy when you exercise a lot.

5. Simple and convenient: easy to apply and comfortable to use. You can use this product on your feet, back, knees, legs, arms. After cleaning the body, just open the slimming syringe. Spray and easily massage your body from a distance until fully absorbed.


This fat burner slimming spray is naturally formulated to eliminate excess fat, break down cellulite and excess fatty tissue in the body, break down cellulite and improve body shape. It can be used on the buttocks, arms, waist, thighs, face and other parts to shape the ideal body and make the body more perfect and full of lines. Helps eliminate all levels of fat and swelling.


ginger, rhubarb, hawthorn, chrysanthemum, Chinese skullcap

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